Waste and Refuse

Garbage pick up will be Saturday mornings 10:00-11:00. Have the garbage at street side before 9:00am. A tag(which can be purchased from the town office for $1.00) must be attached to each bag of garbage. Garbage can also be taken to the waste collection site east of town between t 10:00am and 11:00am. A tag for each bag is needed attached. A supervisor will be at the waste station. The waste station will not collect used furniture, metal, appliances but grass clippings and branches can be taken to the waste area.

BYLAW 12 – 01





The Council of the Village of MacNutt, in the Province of Saskatchewan enacts as follows:




    This Bylaw may be cited as the Waste Collection and Disposal Bylaw.




    For the purpose of this bylaw the following terms, phrases, words and their derivatives shall

    have the meanings given herein.


a)      “Waste and Refuse” any discarded organic or inorganic material which the owner or occupant does not wish to retain except for the items outlined in Section 3 of this Bylaw.


    b)  “Hazardous Waste” any waste material designated by either the Environmental

          Management and Protection Act, and/or the Dangerous Goods Act of Saskatchewan 

          and/or Canada.


    c)  “Liquid Domestic Waste” means any waste which contains animal, mineral or vegetable

         matter in solution or suspension;


    d)  “Collector” any person employed and/or contracted by the Village of MacNutt for

          collection and disposal of waste or refuse.


    e)  “Transfer Station Operator” any person employed and/or contracted by the Village of

         MacNutt to supervise the operation of the MacNutt Waste Disposal Grounds.


f)       “MacNutt Transfer Station Facility” means the municipal transfer station located

      within Parcel “A” being portion of North West Quarter of Section Twenty Three (23),

      in Township Twenty Four (24), in the Range Thirty (30), in West of the First Meridian,

      in the Province of Saskatchewan, which site is surrounded by a fence. 


    g)  “Whites” means large metallic objects such as major appliances, water heaters, stoves,

         furnaces, washers, dryers, refrigerators, deep freezes, dishwashers, bed springs, fencing,



    i)  “Designated Areas” means separate areas within the transfer station facility that are set

         aside for the disposal of particular kinds of waste, which areas are identified either by

         signs or by the Village’s representative;


    j)  “Owner” the registered or assessed owner or agent acting on behalf of the owner.




    a)  Collection Frequency

         Collection services will be provided subject to modifications for statutory holidays as

         follows for Village of MacNutt Ratepayers:

                        Once/week on Saturdays from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31.


b)      Personal Delivery to Transfer Station Facility for Village of MacNutt Ratepayers and/or R.M. of Churchbridge Ratepayers that are authorized to use the facility.

                        Saturday’s from 10:00a.m. – 11:00p.m. from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31.


    c)  Residential Services

         All acceptable waste and refuse shall be picked up as stated in Section 3 subject to the

         following conditions:

             i) waste or refuse must be bagged, tagged and placed on curb and must not

                exceed 40 pounds or

            ii) owner can deliver to transfer station facility during designated hours of operation

                with receipt of fees set out in Appendix “A”  forming part of this bylaw.





4. Unacceptable waste or refuse for all authorized users of the transfer station container are as


-         any refuse not conforming to the conditions outlined in Section. 3. a – c.

-         cardboard and paper products that can be recycled

-         any recyclable materials or products, such as plastics and glass bottles, paint cans, electronics, used oil, tires, etc.

-         sharp objects or broken glass not packaged for safe handling

-         construction debris resulting from building renovations or demolitions, including fences.

-         any residue or refuse from burning or partial burning of a structure

-         any residue or refuse from any burning container

-     any other waste or refuse defined as hazardous in Section 2.

-         slaughter house waste, dead animals or other comparable waste

-         liquid domestic waste

-         any potential infectious refuse



    a) The MacNutt Transfer Station Facility will only be accessible to MacNutt and the

        R.M. of Churchbridge residents on the days of its operations.


    b) The following waste and refuse will only be accepted at the MacNutt Transfer

     Station Facility in designated areas:

     - trees, branches, shrubs, hedges, limbs, grass clippings, leaves or any other type

       of garden or yard debris

     - clean lumber, includes lumber or wood which has not been painted, stained,  

           treated or preserved in any manner or fashion and has any associated hardware   

           removed, such as nails, etc.            

     - metal items that are able to be recycled (ex: water heaters, stoves, furnaces,  

       dryers, washers, refrigerators, deep freezes, dishwashers, etc.), all metal items   

       must be free of all non-metal components, substances or material

     - cement items


c)      The MacNutt Transfer Station Facility will be supervised and open for the collection of

      the items set out in Section 5. b) on the days per week as set out below:

          - Saturday’s from 10:00a.m. – 12:00p.m. from Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, excluding holidays;

      - Wednesday’s from 6:30p.m. – 8:30p.m. from May 15 – Oct. 15, excluding holidays.


d)      Users of the MacNutt Transfer Station Facility must place accepted items at the

      designated sites within the facility as specified by the Village Council and as controlled

      by the Transfer Station Operator.


e)      No person shall remove, disturb or take away any items from the MacNutt Transfer

      Station Facility without permission from the Village Council.


f)       The municipality shall own and have sole right to dispose of all items deposited at the 

MacNutt Transfer Station Facility.


g)      No person shall deface, destroy or alter any signs, gates or fencing at the MacNutt

      Transfer Station Facility.



    Notwithstanding other provisions within this bylaw, the Village Council may at their

    discretion, advertise or proclaim special spring or fall cleanup programs. These programs

    must clearly outline the nature and types of refuse or waste that will be collected and the

    way in which it will be collected or these programs must clearly outline the refuse or waste

    that will be accepted and the way in which it will be accepted at the MacNutt Transfer

    Station Facility.



    Incineration of waste or refuse within the MacNutt Transfer Station Facility is prohibited.

    The Village Council may burn specified refuse or waste at the Transfer Station subject to

    The Municipal Refuse Management Regulations and conditions stated in the Village of

    MacNutt’s Permit to Operate a Transfer Station issued by the Ministry of Environment.








8. No person shall dispose of any garbage, refuse, bulk refuse, whites, tires, or any other waste

    material, at the gate, or on the roadway, or road right-of-way leading to the transfer station




    a) Village Council and/or appointed officials shall issue any orders deemed necessary for effective

        enforcement of this Bylaw and may indicate in written notice that The Village of MacNutt will

        accept voluntary payment in the amount as prescribed below; Dollars:

        i) Where an offence is committed contrary to Section 3 through 8 the voluntary payment shall

            be Fifty Dollars ($50.00);

       ii) The penalty shall double for the second offence committed within a twelve (12) months

           of the first offence being issued;

      iii) The penalty shall quadruple for a third offence committed within a twelve (12) months of the

           first offence being issued;

      iv) The penalty for subsequent offences committed within twelve (12) months of the first offence

           shall be at the discretion of Council.


    b) Orders will be served to the owner or occupant with copies to the registered owner of the

        property in the village, in accordance with Section 390 of The Municipalities Act.


    c) In any case where an order is not carried out, waste or refuse will be removed at the

        owners or occupants expense by the municipality. If the amount payable is not paid on or

        before the 31st day of December of the year the work was completed, the amount or part

        thereof remaining unpaid will be added to and form part of the taxes on the owners

        property, as provided for in The Municipalities Act.


    d) A person who contravenes any of the provisions of this Bylaw shall be guilty of an offence

        and upon summary conviction, shall be liable to a penalty of no more than $2000.00.


10. This bylaw shall come into force and take effect on June 5, 2012.


11. Bylaw 11 – 03 is hereby repealed.
















1. Persons, individuals and corporations authorized to use the Transfer Station Facility:


    a) Ratepayers, residents, and electors of the Village of MacNutt and the R.M. of



2. Approved Haulers:


    a) Village of MacNutt, Residents and R.M. of Churchbridge Residents.


3. Schedule of Load Charges:


    a) Village Residents                                        $1.00 per bag tag

    b) R.M. of Churchbridge Residents              $1.00 per bag tag

    c) Furniture                                                       $10.00

    d) ½ Ton Trucks                                               $30.00/load

    e) Larger Trucks                                              $50.00/load

    f) Compostable & garden/yard waste free – can not be in bags


4. Scrap metal and Whites will no longer be collected at the transfer station site.


All load charges are to be paid in cash before entering the Transfer Station Facility, and be accounted for by a receipt delivered to the hauler by the custodian.




Amended this 2nd day of May, 2015 and forming part of Bylaw 12 – 01.