Macnutt library board  with Churchbridge Rural Municipality – Ken Waldherr


Tammy Antony, librarian



Guest reader Sharon Sobkow


Churchbridge Credit Union   Rebecca Kitz and the library  board


Guest Speaker Char Slager



Compiled by Tammy Antony 

A building erected out of necessity for the purpose of a country school for rural families. Dotted across the prairies with names like Cznerowka, Clova, Beresina, and Flower Valley. All a distant memory with barely more than a snap shot to be remembered by. Left to the ravages of Mother Nature to be eventually torn down or gutted and renovated to something more with no resemblance to its former beginnings as a little white school house.

For over 60 years Scotland school has managed to retain much of its school house characteristics. Sitting on a vast prairie field along hwy 10 approx. 35kms east of Yorkton Sk. And 2 ½ kms west of Calder Sk. This building started in 1954 as a young vibrant country school, with as many as 25 students stretching between grades 1-8. The original Scotland school that was built in 1907 had one prominent student who was taught by her father during her primary years, was Sylvia Fedoruk, who later became Saskatchewan‘s Lieutenant governor general.

As population and transportation changed, Scotland school moved to the community of Macnutt Sk. 18 kms east of Calder where it continued as a secondary school. Its walls heard the music from the ivories of a Mason and Risch piano.

As school population and division borders again changed Scotland school became unnecessary. The piano is silent, the narrow wood plank floor creak with the prairie winds. The blackboards, these ones green, are clean with no assignments or messages to note, void of student and teacher.

Soon after the little white one room school house doors opened again. The appreciative visionaries of the Macnutt Lions took care of the white building, with its arched wood pocket doors, the radio window, side coat room and high wood trim windows. The walls within may have missed the din of rambunctious students but at least it had life and purpose. It heard plans of governor’s nights, and helping of individual, volunteers at its best. Chalkboards were again dusted as other Macnutt organizations shared the use of the now known Lion’s Den building and their agendas and plans were imprinted on the wall of green board. The clubs have moved on but thanks to their years of care and maintenance, Scotland school is now able to be host to Macnutt memorabilia and public library materials. The piano is a permanent fixture as is the vintage teacher’s desk which the librarian, Tammy Antony sits at. She considered it essential to preserve this building where its past history now blends with the present and continuous to tell a story.

In April of 2014 Tammy began to access grants. Each one telling of the history and interior characteristics that remain of the little white country school. She contacted contractors to put a new roof and siding on the exterior to help preserve the interior for years to come. By the beginning of June Family and Friends foundation, Churchbridge Credit Union, Churchbridge Rural Municipality and the Community Initiatives fund all approved a portion of funding to secure just under 18,000 dollars and the go ahead for the history refreshed project. In July the Macnutt library board consisting of Leanne Andrews, Char Slager, Sherry Popp, Sheri Hautz, Tammy Antony, Karla Midgett, and Rachel Lowen, planned a wine and cheese evening fundraiser for August 13, 2014 with ‘History Refreshed’ as the theme. Tammy met with the village council to update them on the roof and siding, history refreshed project, and asked for their involvement. By August contractors begin work and as the library fundraiser event date quickly approaches the board was busy with nervous energy putting together the wine and cheese evening. The Community Centennial Center was decorated with pictures of the little white buildings past and present. Flashbacks of school was evident with books and maps as prominent décor. Tables were set around the main floor with a variety of cheese, crackers and grapes accompanying the wine bar.

Guests and representatives for presentations in attendance at the fundraiser event were Warren Kotzer – Family and Friends foundation, Churchbridge Rural Municipality – Ken Waldherr, Churchbridge Credit Union – Rebecca Kitz, Village of Macnutt – Mayor Shayne Wagner, Guest reader Sharon Sobkow A fun and successful evening overall with motivational guest speaker, Char Slager, always able to add a touch of humor to her unique blend of story telling . Some guests went home with prizes, donated items that all revolved around the wine and cheese, ‘history refreshed’ Theme. Funding from this event along with assistance from the village of Macnutt, went towards the final payments for the siding and roof project of the little white building. The building is now declared historical through the village of Macnutt based on its interior and story spanning 60 years.

A Small town library with country school charm.

During the days the doors are open to the public for library materials, the radio is on and the aroma of coffee permeates the air. On those closed days, while the prairie winds blow the old Scotland school walls and floors creak and crack with the whispers of rambunctious students and stories of the past. History that has been refreshed continuous to meet the future for years to come.