Thanks to Myles, Dennis and Dave Antony and their company WINNIPEG ENVIRONMENTAL REMEDIATION INC.(WERI) and to MacNUTT LIONS and MacNUTT Kings Hockey for the donation of a new Zamboni for our rink

Our mail is now sorted using outside mail boxes. delmer Markosky is one of the first people to get his mail using the outdoor mail boxes. 


 Hazel Minchuk in the last Post Office. Magicsty's C-Store now handles some of the Post Office services 





Mrs Pitz Photo submitted by Emma Goerick 



 This is a picture, taken a few years ago, of Gilbert Andrews (smiling in the warm tractor) and Delmar.  Gil was making roads out to the many ice shacks and Delmar was assisting in the road building.  Great job guys. Submitted  by Mark Peterson   




Mark Peterson, Delmar Markosky, Gilbert  Andrews

Oct 15, 2006.  It was a good day of fishing for all.  I think Gilbert had the upper hand this day.  Thank you Delmar for another great day fishing.  Submitted  by Mark Peterson 





A very close friend of Delmar and a special friend of mine, Rick Toderian, fishing with fishing rods below the dam in March.  We had a lot of fun that day, and Rick caught the most fish.  It was cold, but fun.  A steak dinner with pickerel at Mark's ended the day.  I sure miss my friend Rick. Submitted  by Mark Peterson



Delmer Markosky    photo submitted by Mark Peterson 



Only in small town Saskatchewan - A hockey player or in this case a referee, jumping on a zamboni to clean the ice in between periods. You can't beat small town volunteerism. 


The Lutheran Church in MacNutt. Since this picture was taken, the church had total renovations outside. Submitted by The Beckers 



Ken Andrews house at Christmas . It was awesome