First Row... Alvin Borchart, Perry Kitz, Perry Toderian, Tim Kendel, Carl Bowey, Tommy Wincharuk
Second Row... Sheila Kasprowicz, Marilyn Andrews, Corrine Mehrer, Dorthy Gilchuk, Marilyn Melnick, Sue Zorn, Debby Rublitz, Patty Scott, Leon Gilchuk.
Third Row... Rene Hanchar, Stanley Adam, Joann Schappert, Joan Adam, Donald Adam, Ronald Stadnick, Dona Kitz, Mrs. Rathgaber.
The photo was taken in December 1965

Submitted by Marilyn Davies.


First Row.. Tommy Wincharuk, Terry Kasprowicz, Carl Bowey, Brian Borchart, Stanley Andrews

Second Row.. Marliss Adam, Barbara Melnick, Shelley Kendel, Patty Scott, Donna Kitz, Virginia Boychuck , Gloria Fatteicher, Sue Zorn, Glenda Mack, Lorraine Jendrasheske
Third Row..  Cindy Wagner, Marilyn Melnick, Harley Fatteicher, Perry Kitz, Barbara Calanchie, Leyton Rowe, Alvin Borchart, Carol Antony, Barbara Antony, Laureen Pop, Mrs. Pope
Submitted by Marilyn Melnick



 From the 1954 School Yearbook. If you know any of the people email us


 From the 1954 School Yearbook. If you know any of the people email us

 Virginia Prokopetz, Marlene Haberstock, Gerald Andres, Rozlind Becher

 Grade 9 initiation. Patsy, Charles, Myles, grant, Fred, Lorraine, Joan, Myrtle, Judy, Charmaine, Connie - Submitted by Judy De Vos(Yaworski)







 Mrs Elizabeth Toderian, teacher- Submitted by Emma Gyerick



 Alex Bolezuik, Andy Bolezuik, Walter Kasprowicz - M Kasprowicz Photo


Photo by Dave Melnick, 1956. The person on the right is Walter Kasprowicz. The person on the left is unknown. Taken in MacNUTT. 

Photo copyright Charles  Melnick. No unauthorized reproduction. Personal viewing only.       For  reproductions contact 


 From the 1954 School Yearbook. If you know any of the people email us

 1967 grade 9 initiation -

Myles, Grant, Fred, Charles- Submitted by Judy De Vos(Yaworski)


 Miss Riffel, Mr Artimenko, Mrs Toderian, Mrs Wagner

Taken from the 1953 1954 yearbook



 Mrs Toderian, teacher -Submitted by Judy De Vos(Yaworski)


 Jack Rathgeber built this hotel. - Marilyn Calancia

 Submitted by Marilyn Calancia

 Schaan's Store was purchased in November of 1945 from C. M. Wolfe by George and Edna Schaan. Charlie Wolfe was the brother in law of George Schaan.The business operated under the name of G.A.Schaan.   Groceries--Dry Goods--Boots and Shoes.  Quality Goods at Lowest Prices

Submitted by Gerald Schaan

 In early 1950's it became known as Schaan's Store and in 1957 the store became known as Schaan's Lucky Dollar Store.

Submitted by Gerald Schaan