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MacNutt Library had a successful  summer with the summer reading program and summer contests.  11 entries were drawn from for the in house ‘ Canadian content ‘ prize pkg.  The winner was Dwight Wendell. Come on down Dwight, and pick up your prize! The summer reading contest in conjunction with Good Spirit School Division will be made at the GSSD office at the beginning of Sept. , Winners will be notified shortly after in September.  As promised, here are the winners in our area of students who won the Summer Reading  Program in conjunction with the Good Spirit School Division. Calder School – Odessa Fesik ( Calder Library ), Langenburg Public School- Chelsea Farmer (  Langenburg Library ), Langenburg School – Natalia Midgett ( MacNutt Library ). Each Student won a gift certificate from Coles book store and a craft pkg. Keep reading kids!.


MacNutt Library News September 2014

Hi everyone. Your local librarian here. Growing up it was mostly my mom and I. We moved around a lot, and I developed a real curiosity for family history. The best parts of history is always the tidbits of stories - like - walking three miles to school everyday - uphill both ways - all year long!

So this month I am focusing on history. MacNutt library has a collection of history books from the surrounding area. Dropmore, Roblin, Shellmouth and more. We also have some history on the local churches of the area - all of which I believe have reached 100 years of age. (If these walls could talk)! Of course we also have school memorabilia and yearbooks, and Andy Sawkeys THOSE WERE THE DAYS.

I also have many books representing Saskatchewan history. Building a province. Heritage property - Saskatchewan Centennial . Grave sites of Saskatchewan Premiers (more interesting than you think). History of Saskatchewans war time heros. Names that you may recognize such as Nicholas Yaworsky, and Ewald George Kendel.

Did you know that MacNutt is listed in the book People Places - a dictionary of Saskatchewan place names.

The Saskatchewan encyclopedia has plenty of tidbit stories as well.

I have books on prairies tales like Bigfoot on the Priaries by Ferne Nelson or Prairie Brides - four inspirational love stories, and a couple of Prairie Landscape books. For some these books bring back memories for others it keeps history alive and a renewed sence of appreciation for where we are and what we have.

I hope I have sparked a curiosity bug for history in you. Take a stroll down memory lane at MacNUTT library.


MacNUTT Library August Newsletter

Hi everyone. Your local librarian here. I'm still in the house relatively safe. If you see me outside I have probably had to sacrfifice the good book for a can of raid in one hand and a can of OFF in the other hand.

As some of my friends have heard me say "15 below nice winter day all year long."

This month I thought I would talk to you about some of the inner workings of the Saskatchewan Library System or SILS.

SILS brings together all 10 public librarys in Saskatchewan plus one Provincial Library. MacNutt is part of the Parkland system made up of 55 libraries with Yorkton being our headquarters or HQ.

Books and materials rotate on a regular basis throughout our region by courier sent out by HQ. Any requests made by patrons not available at the library is sent out via SILS and is usually processed in short order and is then couriered or mailed to where the request is waiting to be filled.

Through the convenience of your computer in your home you can accdess the public library catalogue at

Using your SILS and pin # given to you by your local librarian you can open your library account. Once there you will see if and how many items you have borrowed out check due dates which you can renew.

You can:

- Search and order books which can be sent to the library of your choice for pick up. A notice is sent to you either by phone or email of items being held for pick up.

-With the SILS integrated library you can sign out items and return items at any public library in the province.

Set up a reading hystory tracking list

- Have better access 24/7 to many data bases

- Put freeze holds on items if you're going away.


Your library has access to books - Adult or fiction and non fiction easy large print DVD CDs CD Roms and magazines. MacNUtt library houses a collection of history books and phamphlets incorporating locations over a 30 mile radius including schools churches and Saskatchewan war archives.


Coffees always on!



MacNUTT Library July Newsletter

Hi everyone, your local librarian here. Hopefully this month you will be seeing some facelifts to the exterior of the library.

Summer always brings on renovations, change with paint, rearranging furnature, old for new.

If you are looking for ideas I have some books for you. Perhaps your looking to change lighting in your home.

COMPLETE LIGHTING DESIGN has practical design guide showing blueprints and Hi-lights how different styles of lights are applied to areas of your home.

KITCHEN IDEAS THAT WORK over 400 ideas from flooring, countertops, to storage. (This is one of my favorites with many unique ideas).

IT'S YOUR ROOM a decorating guide for real kids. A step-by-step book that teaches kids to plan a budget, recognize style and organizing space.

If your concerns are with the inner workings of your home, I have HEAT AND AIR CONDITIONING a quick reference guide to key elements that will help you save money.

THE SOLAR HOME BOOK heating, cooling, and designing with the sun.

I have more books on fireplaces, do it yourself curtains,

FABOULOUS FLEA MARKET DECORATING many ideas for kids in this one.

Decorating makeover books that cover every room in your home with style.

Visit MacNUTT library to inspire yourself with any one of these books.

Coffee is always on


MacNUTT Library June Newsletter

Hi everyone!. Your local librarian here. I'm picturing a nice sunny day, lounge chair outside, beverages in one hand and a good book in the other. Okay, nice thought, may work for you. I however have 10 cats, one dog, way too many buzzing, crawling insects not to mention those.... those..... ticks.

I am back in the house now, relatively safe, with a beverage one one hand and a good book in the other.

Last month I introduced you to Clive Cusssler - mystery and adventure. This month I thought I would hi - light Romance. This is not my genre of reading, but I have patrions who know what they like in this category.

LOVE INSPIRED published by Steeple Hill are Christian based fiction books by a variety of authors featuring historical, suspense and inspirational romance.

Karen Kingsbury is another author with Christian theme novels who inspirational words delight many a reader.

Nicholas Sparks cannot write fast enough. Even if you are not familiar with his books, movies such as Dear John, Message In A Bottle, A Walk To Remember (still makes me cry and I've watched it 3 times) are family oriented, romantic and inspiring.

Of course Danielle Steel is a classic romance with many best sellers. She has a novel out HIS BRIGHT LIGHT - the story of her son's life and death.

Grace Livingston Hill, known as the pioneer of Christian romance and Ruth, Grace's daughter, carried on her mother's legacy when she was asked to complete her mother's series.

In the junior fiction section I have books by Lurlene McDaniel. Inspirational novels about teenagers facing life altering situations. LAST DANCE - A young person who loves and lives to dance (I relate) and has her dreams shattered. DON'T DIE MY LOVE - Two young kids, friends forever who's growing love for each other is tested when one of them becomes seriously ill.

The classic LITTLE WOMEN by Louisa May Alcott - a story of joy, sorrow, and loves of meg, Jo, Beth and May.

Finally, easy category - for young kids. You may not think of romance for young kids. Romance startes with the heart and these two books show kids the ONE SMILE by author Cindy McKinley warms the heart and of course KISSES by Nanda Roep says I love you with 10 different kinds of kisses.

Coffee is always on

Tammy Antony.


This month I'm Hi-Lighting an author that I thought I wouldn't like. I pass his books on the shelf sometimes glancing at one or two and then put it back. I've even taken one home, read a couple of chapters and not get into it.

Persistence, curiosity, lack of anything different available at the time, or maybe the picture on the back cover with the author and his collection of antique and vintage vehicles, whatever the reason, I am now a Clive Cussler fan!

Cussler seemlessly blends Historical facts and stories of legend into complex plots of mystery and adventure. Cussler develops a crew of characters that you will want to wish they were real and meet them in person.

If you're any kind of history buff about the sea and all it's secrets (trust me, Cussler makes it very intriguing) from Spanish gold, volcanoes, Vikings and villans, across the globe, the team from NUMA, with their decked out secret ship conquer all.

If for no other reason to pick up a Clive Cussler book, than to read about one of a number vintage vehicles and planes that Cussler weaves into his plots.

Check out Clive Cussler at the MacNutt library. Coffee is always on. Open Tueasday 1:00-5:00 and Friday 3:00-7:00.

Tammy Antony, MacNUTT library