Memory Lane / MacNutt Memoires and History


As a Historian, I am interested in compiling memories from people who lived in and around MacNutt in days gone by, and would entitle it “MEMORY LANE”.  I think this is an absolutely wonderful way to preserve history and life’s stories.  I am asking if you could please take time to share your memories with me for this project.  I feel it would be great fun and a grand achievement if we all wrote (at length) the things we can remember about life in and around MacNutt.  What you may think is menial, is of great interest to me, and others.


Any form of collecting history is appropriate.  You do not have to be a writer to get it on paper, but try to be as descriptive as possible, with as many details as possible, including years (or general idea) from which the recollection is from (eg: I remember the drought of  1929 when …)  Do your best.  It takes time, but will be very rewarding to your heart.  


I hope that as you reminisce, many more memories will come to you.  (Keep a notebook handy to jot down reminders in point form that you can refer to when you sit down to write).


To help you get started I will give you some ideas (some in point form) of what to write about. Please remember to include dates.

-What it was like growing up in or around MacNutt?

-Where did you live (describe which farm or house on which street?), and what was your house like inside?

-What was a traditional Christmas like at your house?  Tell about your excitement of the season and what special treats you would have.  What gifts do you remember getting?  Tell of a special time. 


-Who were your Grandparents and what did they do?  Where did they originate from and where did they live?               

-Who were your parents? What did they do for a living?  Where did they originate from, what nationality were they and when did they come to MacNutt?  What drew them here?  What language did you speak in your home?  Do you remember any stories that they told you of their own memories or from their past? 

-What are your memories of family time with your parents and grandparents? Who were your siblings?  What ethnic traditions and cultural events do you remember your family honoring?  Do you have a favorite memory of being at home with your family?  Tell of any funny, happy, scary or sad events that stick out in your mind.

-Did you have running water? Power? Indoor toilet?

-Who were your neighbors, friends, etc? 

-What was your favorite thing your mother cooked for you as a child? What were the staple foods?  Was there something you did not like that you had to eat?

-Explain in detail what the modes of transportation were used in summer, and in winter. What did you or your parents drive?

- Did you curl, skate or play hockey and if so what was it like in the open skating rink or curling arena. Give details of what the arena was like or the atmosphere?

-What were the cloths like when you grew up (eg: women always wore house dresses? Pantaloons? Hot pants? Men coveralls or what? young boys short pants?

-Who were the seniors?  Who were your friends?  Where did they live and what was their house like? 

-What people in the town or surrounding area stand out in your mind, and why?

-Do you remember sports days and or fairs?

- Where did you go to school (what grades) and what was it like being a student in your school?  Describe what your school was like.

-How did you get to school?  What do you remember about your school and about your lunches?  Who were your teachers and what funny, happy, strange, or exciting events stand out in your mind?

-Tell details about any Christmas concerts at your schools.  What parts did you have in any concert?  What games did you play in school??  Drop the handkerchief? Tell about teachers and students you remember and why.

-What church (if any) did you attend and who was the Pastor/Father?  Tell any story of church or memories of church picnics.

-What events in your childhood stand out in your mind? Did you have chores to do as a child?  Did you have animals to look after and if so what kind of animals did you have? 

-What homemade items do you remember your parents, grandparents or yourself making, and you’re your experience making them. ..Jams? Canning berries (and picking them?)   Killing chickens?  Making sausage?  Gardening?

-Do you remember the ice house? If so, explain in detail about it.                       

-Did you experience field work with horses?  What all did you do for chores?  If you did field work, what kind of implements did you or your family use?   

-Do you remember the accident in Castleavery with the steam engine that exploded?  Or any other incident?

-Did you have to work away from home when you were young?  Did you go help the neighbors?  Tell of some funny or unusual experiences you remember from those times.

-Tell your experiences of shopping in MacNutt, and memories of the stores staying open for late night shopping.

- What do you remember about the main streets in MacNutt, or any other street?

-What stores do you remember, and what do you remember buying or selling (and what prices/ what years?).  Tell about the stores and the people who owned or worked there: 

-the grocery and hardware stores            -garages

-meat market                                             -post office        

-barber shop                                              -café

-photo studio                                            -pool hall

-livery stable                                             -machinery dealerships

-fuel dealerships                                        -elevators 

-creamery                                                  -hotel/pub

-Do you remember Mr. Drichel’s blacksmith shop?  What did he do that you remember and what was the shop like inside?

-What experiences/events stand out from celebrations in the old hall?  Graduation? Wedding? School Dance?

-Using the old crank telephones and calling central with calls going through the telephone switchboard ?  Numbers like ‘5-1-ring 6’ and how it rang 1 long and 2 short. Sharing a party line? 

-How did the depression years affect you and your family?  What stands out in your mind about those years?  How were others affected and how was your community affected? 

-Did anyone in your family have to go to war, or anyone that you knew?  How was your family affected by the war?  How were the ones involved affected? What was the town/community like during the war years that sticks out in your mind?  How did it affect you and how you felt?

- Did you ride on the train from MacNutt or have memories of the train coming to town?  Share any funny or unusual stories from the train.  What do you remember about the station and the people who lived and worked there?  The Drey wagon?  and mail cart?  

-Did you leave MacNutt? If so,when and why? Where do you live now? Do you still have family or friends here?

-How has MacNutt and the people that were here or are here affected your life? 

-What are your fondest memories of MacNutt and why is it dear to your heart?

-Please do not hesitate to include anything not listed here…this is only a few ideas to reminisce on.  You may have many more to add.

I look forward to reading your memoirs, and know that you and your family will enjoy the fact that they are written down for the future.  Pictures would also be appreciated so be sure to get copieswrite the names, dates and places on any photos to ensure that the facts/information is known.  This is a honorable project to take on, and a great way to build the history of our community and village.  My goal is to have these memoirs at MacNutt’s Centennial Celebration in July of 2013, so I ask you to take this on as a winter project and have them ready to mail to me (or E-Mail if possible) by March 15th/2013.   Thank you in advance for participating. I am very excited about this project.  Any Questions?

My Phone Number is:   1.306.742.2175

My E-mail address is:

My mailing address is:     Jayne Andres, Box 59, MacNutt, SK.  S0A 2K0.