MacNUTT Today


 MAGICSTY's C Store is now open. One can also pick up Post Office parcels and buy stamps here. 


 Hazel's Tavern (MacNUTT Hotel) is owned and operated by Hazel Minchuck.

The Hotel also serves as a liquor vendor

A popular place, the morning coffee shop and Drop In  Centre.

The Village Office (former Credit Union building)

Cartwright Meats is owned and operated by Glen Cartwright 

Delwin and Jayne Andres owns and operates a farm service company supplying fertilizers and seed 

The Park Land Regional Library  

Although the railway track is long gone, we  are very lucky to have our elevator here. The farmer that owns it looks after it very well and we appreciate this  building.

The School has been abandoned for a number of years now. It is privately owned.

Privately owned.

Markosky Garage is not in business anymore. Delmer uses it for storage.

The old Sports Grounds.

Christ Lutheran Church

 MacNUTT LIONS has an active membership