Heritage Property

BYLAW 14 - 01



The Heritage Property Act S.S. 1979-80, c.H-2.2 s. 12


A bylaw of the Village of MacNutt to designate a site as Municipal Heritage Property.


WHEREAS Sections 11 and 12 of The Heritage Property Act authorize the Council

of a Municipality to enact bylaws to designate real property, including all buildings,

features and structures thereon, to be of heritage value; and,


WHEREAS the Council of the Municipality has determined that the property known as:


MacNutt Parkland Public Library


       and located at:                     Lot 6, Block 8, Plan AN8021


is a site of architectural, historical, cultural, environmental, archaeological,

palaeontological, aesthetic and/or scientific value; and,


WHEREAS not less than thirty (30) days prior to consideration of this bylaw, the

Council of the Municipality has:


a.                   served a Notice of Intention on the Registrar of Heritage Property and all owners of property included in the proposed bylaw;

b.                  published a Notice of Intention in at least one issue of a newspaper in general circulation in the municipality

c.                  registered an interest in the Land Titles Registry against all titles for the parcels of land included in the proposed bylaw; and


WHEREAS no Notice of Objection to the proposed designation has been served on the

Council of the Municipality;


THEREFORE, the Council of the Municipality enacts as follows:


There is designated as Municipal Heritage Property the real property

legally described as:


Lot 6, Block 8, Plan AN8021


The reasons for the designation are as follows:


1. The building is over 60 years old.


2. The building was originally the Scotland School that former Lieutenant Governor,

    Sylvia Fedoruk was taught school in. The inside of the building shall remain in its

    original state with the black boards, vintage furniture, narrow plank flooring, wood

    trim and arch pocket doors.


3. This building was a country school and a public school. Was used for various

    organizational meetings and maintained by the MacNutt Lions Club. Now is repurposed

    as the MacNutt Parkland Public Library which houses history of the MacNutt Community.


Read a third time and passed this 7th day of October, 2014.