Richard and Eric in the doorway of the Blacksmith on the farm

 Richard and Eric in the doorway of the Blacksmith In town

 Richard and Othilia Drichel and uncle and aunt Julius and Olga Drichel immigrated to Canada
in 1928. Settled in Yorkton, Sk

In 1929 Mr. Redenbach (Do not know his first name.) had his Blacksmith Shop and home for sale. The
shop was located approximately 20 ft. from the present home of Lena Dwernichuk (Which Is also the
home that Richard had built in 1938. In 1944 this house was sold to Dan Fuhr.) along the road going
towards Lorne Tkatchuk's residence. Richard and Julius Drichel purchased it on February 27,1929. The
Blacksmith shop equipment was run by a generator. In 1932 Julius sold his share to Richard and went
on to buy the Blacksmith shop and store in Ebenezer, SK. In 1944 Richard sold the Blacksmith shop to
George Adams. Richard purchased Nelson Rowan's farm which bordered the town limits and built a
Blacksmith Shop there. He operated this shop from 1946 to 1949. In 1945 George Adams' Blacksmith
Shop burned down. George Adams then built another shop across from the Community Mall. In 1947
Richard brought his brother Erich over from Germany and in 1949 Richard and Erich purchased the
Blacksmith Shop from George Adams. They then ran a Blacksmith and Welding Shop. They had electric
and acetylene welders and all the equipment was now electrically operated. In 1958 they purchased a
lathe so that they could make machinery parts. In 1966 Erich sold his share to Richard and Richard
operated it until 1979 when he retired. The building was sold to the Hanchars.

submitted by Sarah Drichel