Thank You again to all the organizers, volunteers, sponsors, participants, and spectators

First Event Winners Kathy Furtney, Roy Werle, Delwin Andres, Barry Kendel

Sponsored by Andres Farm Services AFS and presented by Jayne Andres

 Second Event Winners Donald Adam, Brenda Adam, Leslie Adam and Kevin Schappert

Sponsored by Churchbridge Credit Union and presented by Sherrie Popp

Third Event Winners Linus Zentner, Sherri Hautz, Brian Becker, and Derwood Andrews

Sponsored by Cartwright Meats and presented by Kevin Schappert

Fourth Event Winners Dana Soloninko, Sherri Popp, Donnie Soloninko, and Kevin Popp

Sponsored by MacNUTT Hotel and presented by Hazel Minchuk



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