Good Evening Mayor Sobkow, MP Wagantall, Honored Guests

I am honored to bring greetings on behalf of Premier Brad Wall and the Government of Saskatchewan to the Village of Calder in celebrating Canada’s 150 Birthday.
It is communities like Calder that have helped form Canada’s identity.  While the railway helped bring new residents west to the prairies soon after confederation it was also the catalyst for communities springing up across the country.  

But Calder also has a long history of community spirit and passion.  As a youngster growing up on the farm in Churchbridge it was always an adventure coming to Calder for their sports day.  It was a pretty big deal for a young person with all these people from Manitoba and Saskatchewan coming to play ball and enjoying the festivities of the day.  That same feeling was passed on to my sons when they too came to Calder to play ball in the annual sport’s days.  
Calder to me was a fantastic collection of nationalities that came from throughout eastern and western Europe.  That is what provided the character that your community is known for.  The collection of businesses that were established, churches that were built and still exist and support of the school system provided Calder with it’s identity.

There are many long term Calder residents who through their extended families continue to be the life blood of the community.  The Slagers, Rohatenskys, Shymkos, Kohuts, Sobkows, Antonys, Callanchies, Fycks, Balabucks and so many more.  You are the volunteers, the workers, the backbone to keeping communities like Calder on the map.  You are the ones who pitched in immediately when money needed to be raised, a family needed to be supported or who helped their neighbors when they were 3 feet under snow.  You are the reason we are still a growing province, population wise, even when we may be under some difficult financial times.  You are the reason we are always seeing new faces moving in to our community.  So Thank you for having confidence in your community, raising a family here and encouraging your kids to do the same.

Congratulations to you the residents of Calder for hosting this celebration and may you prosper in the next 150 years. 

Warren Kaeding, MLA, Melville-Saltcoats