The 10th Annual Big Buck  Contest was held December 12, 2009 at the MacNUTT Community Complex. It was sponsored by  Hazel Minchuk, owner, Hazel's Tavern (MacNUTT Hotel) and Randy Kendel (Western Urethane out of Saskatoon) Many thanks to all the hunters that participated, supporters and people who donated as well as the many volunteers who helped make this  another successful event. Thanks Hazel and Randy.

Hazel Minchuk from Hazel's Tavern (MacNUTT Hotel) is Master of Ceremonies and co-sponsor of Big Buck Night 


Randy Kendel from Western Urethane (Saskatoon), is a

co-sponsor of the event 


Sponsor of the Peoples Choice Award  Marty Derbowka

Elden is awarded a GPS for the Peoples Award 

 Message from Hazel Minchuk as published in the Roblin Review dated January 19, 2010

Though bitterly cold - as usual - the 10th Annual Big Buck Night went very well. Thank you to all who entered the contest and to all who braved the cold  and came out for supper/or for the evening. Congratulations to Elden Kentel, typical winner and Jeremy Fatteicher, non typical winner. I wish to thank Jenn, Darrell, Laurie, Shelley, Carla and Robert for all the help before, during and after Buck Night. Thanks for always being ready, willing and able to help me. Thank you to Myron Kasprowicz for including Buck Night on his web page and for the CD he nade for me. Thank you to Glen and Derek for helping the judges. Thank you to Sam for scoring and Dwight for measuring horns. Thanks to the sponsors - MacNutt Hotel, Randy Kendel of Western Urethane, Great Western Brewery and Barry Kendel. Thank you to Marty Debrowka from City Limits Inn of Yorkton for sponsoring the People's Choice award. Thank you to Kountry Katering (Jill and Nelson Daneluk) for the delicious supper. Thank you to R&K Music (Rick and Karen Goraluk) for providing music. Bunches and bunches of bouquets of flowers and hugs for Randy Kendel of Western Urethane in Saskatoon. Without his generous heart, Big Buck Night would not exist. He has graciously donated for all 10 years. I cherish our friendship and wish you good health and happiness always Randy! Thanks again everyone.

Love, Hazel


The winners of the event Elden Kental and Jeremy Fatteicher with Randy Kendel and Hazel Minchuk 


Elden Kental with his typical horns

Best Non-Typical goes to Jeremy Fatteicher 


Elden Kental also wins the Peoples Choice Award 


Elden Kental 

Glen Cartwright and Dwight Wendel score the horns for points. 


Stats volunteers Derek Chase and Sam Kramer  

Hazel Minchuk thanking Carla Rathgaber, Shelley Korbet, and Laurie Toderan for their volunteer help 


Hazel thanking Sam Kramer, Dwight Wendel, Derek Chase and Glen Cartwright for their volunteer work


Thank you to Jill and Nelson Daneluk and helper (sorry did not get your name) (Kountry Katering) for an awesome meal