The 12th annual Big Buck Night was held at the MacNUTT Hotel on Saturday, December 10, 2011

Thanks to the host Hazel Minchuk for a great evening with a fine meal. Thanks also to all the sponsors like Randy Kendal owner of Western Urethane,  and Marty Derbowka for the Peoples Choice award prize. Thank you to all who volunteered and helped with the cooking of the food.

Non typical was 123 and 7/8  -  Typical was 145 and 7/8

Peoples Choice Award Winner - Randy Andres

Marty Derbowka and his son from Yorkton, sponsor the Peoples Award Prize


 Hazel Minchuk, host,  Randy Andres Typical horn winner and Peoples Choice winner, Marla Geres, Non typical winner, and

Randy Kendal, one of the sponsors


Hazel Minchuk thanks the statisticians Derek Chase, Sam Kramer, Glen Cartright, and Dwight Wendel 


Glen Cartwright and Dwight Wendel score the horns 


Sam Kramer and Derek Chase record the stats