The 11th Annual Big Buck Night was held at the MacNUTT Hotel on December 11th. The evening started off with an awesome meal with steaks barbequed by Randy Kendel. Thank you to Hazel Minchuk for your dedication to this annual event in MacNUTT. Thank you goes out to all the sponsors for all your  generous donations. A special thank you goes out to Randy Kendel, Western Urethane and Marty Derbowka for their generous donations. Then there are the volunteers(Hazel's Angels) who helped make this event successful. Finally thank you to the invited guests. Photos by Myron Kasprowicz

Scoring was done by Dwight Wendel and Glen Cartright


 Hazel Minchuk the organizer of the event


 Barry  Kendel wins the long distant participant award


 Henry Fiesler wins 3rd place typical at 152


 Marty Derbowka wins the runner up typical at 153& 3/8


 Randy Kendel presents volunteers with Western Urethane gifts


Typical winner is Peter Johnson with a 159& 6/8 

 Statistians Shelley Korbet and Sam Kramer


 Marty Derbowka presents Marla Geres with peoples choice award


 Marla Geres wins the non typical award. 143


 Daryl Campbell wins the smallest horns award




 Randy Kendel presents Marla Geres with her prize.