MacNUTT Credit Union  closed February 28, 2018. 
The building has been sold to the Village and will now be the Village Office.

On June 11. 1958, a formal meeting was held at the MacNutt
Community Hall for the purpose of organizing a Credit Union. There
were 32 people in attendance. Motion by Carl Adam, seconded by Dave
Melnick that a Credit Union be organized. Moved by Norman Andrews
and seconded by Frank Popp that the name of the Union be MacNutt
and District Credit Union. The following seven directors and three
supervisory members were elected:
Board of Directors - Wilbert D. Morrison, Willard J. Kendel, Val P.
Zorn, J.B. Andrews, John E. Cornelius, Frank A. Popp and Dave
Supervisory Committee - Roland Wagner, Eitel Schendel and Norman
Andrews. The first organizational meeting followed with John
Cornelius nominated as President, Willard Kendel as Vice-President
and Mr. John P. Zoech as Treasurer. The first loans committee was
nominated and consisted of J.B. Andrews, Frank Popp and Val Zorn.
The first 58 memberships were registered at a fee of $1.00 each.
The credit union commenced operations using office space in the
Lumber Yard owned by Mr. John Zoech until the fall of 1959 when
the office was moved to a building on Mainstreet owned by Art Metz.
In March of 1961, the credit union once again moved it's location
to the MacNutt Locker Plant building.
Mr. Zoech continued to manage the operations and act as
secretary/treasurer until his passing in July of 1962. At that
time. Mr. Harry Frederiksen was hired as secretary/manager.
The credit union continued to grow and by the end of 1962 there
were 307 memberships and total assets of $ $137,189. It was also
decided that the credit union should re-locate to the Village owned
fire hall and a grand opening in honor of the new office was held
on June 29, 1963.
By the end of 1968, ten years after it's incorporation, the Credit
Union had grown to assets of $449,000 and 594 memberships had been
opened. John Cornelius and Wilbert Morrison both served as
presidents during these years as did Eitel Schendel in 1963 until
he moved to Yorkton in July of that year. Additional staff who
worked during this time were Marlene Curle (Miller), Judy Becker
and Judy Baumung (Holod).
By the end of 1978, twenty years after it's incorporation, the
credit union had assets totalling $1,543,238. Wilbert Morrison,
John Cornelius, Roland Wagner and Lorrie Popp had all served as
presidents during this decade. Mr. Harry Frederiksen continued
employment as secretary/manager along with other staff members such
as Verna Poier, Tom Antony, Karen Zentner and Shirley Chornawka.
Another ten years passed, at the end of 1988 and thirty years after
it's establishment, the credit union had total assets of $2,901,100
and 424 memberships. This decade had brought many changes. Harry
retired in March of 1980 after having served nearly 18 years as
secretary/manager.  In April of 1980 Mr. John Hanchar was hired as
secretary/manager and he retired in 1988 having completed 8 years
of employment. Glenda Rieck commenced employment in September of
1988 as secretary/manager after having worked six years as a
teller. Other staff employed throughout these years were Shirley
Chornawka, Cindy Wagner, Edna Melnick. Sonia Haberstock and Elaine
Kaeding. Presidents who served were Lorrie Popp and Roland Wagner.

The credit union had renovated in 1991 and expanded office space
enlarging the main office area and adding a new manager's office
and board room. Presidents who served over the past decade are
Frank Becker, Dave Melnick, Lorrie Popp and  Donald Adam.
Other board members were Robert Rathgeber, Russell
Shewchuk, Arthur Nichols, Penny Schappert, Allan Dietrich,
  Leonard Tkatchuk.
This document was composed in the 1990s
The MacNUTT Credit Union became a branch of the Churchbridge Credit union until it's closure February 28, 2018.